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Oil containing exclusively oils deriving from the working of the product obtained after the extraction of olive oil and oil obtained directly from olives.


Benefits of Pomace Oil

Regular consumption of pomace oil can help keep your arteries clear. That is because pomace oil is 80 percent monounsaturated, which can help lower the cholesterol levels. It also retains the benefits of olive oil, including a high level of oleanolic acid which helps lower high blood pressure.

And like other olive oils, pomace oil is also naturally gluten-free, even after it has been refined.

Pomace Oil Uses

Like olive oil, pomace oil can be used for cooking. The great thing about it is that unlike extra virgin olive oil, which has a low boiling point, pomace oil can be used for deep frying dishes.

Apart from uses in the kitchen, pomace oil can be used to treat hair problems. Use a little bit of pomace oil on the damaged scalp to treat dryness. Similarly, you can also use pomace oil in the bath to rejuvenate dry skin.

Pomace oil, like other olive oils, are versatile, though it may be a notch below extra virgin olive oil and other olive oils. However, it maintains the same benefits as olive oil, making it an ideal substitute for ingredients such as butter (and even olive oil). After all, it is still made from the same olive fruit. It is an affordable, useful, and healthy oil every person needs in the kitchen.