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Hair Removing Strips with Argan

Moisturizing wax strips are an easy, quick and convenient way to ensure long-lasting and effective hair removal while making the skin soft and smooth that lasts up to 4 weeks. With regular use, hair growth is visibly reduced. Wax strips remove hair from the roots and work even on short hair. It leaves the skin with a clean and smooth feeling for weeks.

Warning: Always read instructions before use. Wax strips can be applied to legs, underarms, bikini line and arms. Not suitable for use on chest, perianal and genital area and on areas which are irritated, or have varicose veins, scars, calluses, moles or are sunburnt. Test on a small area before use. 24 hours after testing if any reaction does not occur you can use the product safely. After waxing, clean the area thoroughly with wax cleaning wipes. Directions: Ensure skin of the waxing area is clean and dry. Warm the strips by rubbing it between your hands. Carefully peel the two-sided wax strip apart. Apply it on the desired area in the direction of hair growth. Rub a few times in direction of hair growth to ensure wax adheres well. Hold skin tight and pull the strip back (close to the skin) in one quick movement, in the opposite direction of hair growth. After waxing, clean the skin with cleaning wipes.