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  • Ginger is a 100% Immunity booster
  • Cold grinding which makes all nutrition intact; saves your time and helps you in cooking.
  • No more peeling, grinding, and pasting.
  • Lazzat Ginger Paste is prepared from the best quality ginger; adds fresh flavor to your dishes
  • Hygienically processed and packed.
  • Fresh and Natural Packed in hygienic conditions


There’s a bottle of ginger paste in every household kitchen or restaurant. Adds an exciting taste to your dishes with Lazzat Ginger Paste. While convenience remains a convincing reason to have our ginger paste on hand, it’s difficult to ignore the sheer health impact of this aromatic blend.


Fresh ginger, tempered with salt is a ready-to-use ingredient in cooking. The ginger enhances complementary flavors in the cooking process and also tastes great on its own.