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Wah Luft Brings you India’s favourite Snack Pani Puri. A Mouthwatering Snack, This Ready to Eat Pani Puri is a sure treat for your taste buds, just follow simple steps to enjoy the tongue tingling taste.

Servings : 5 servings of 6 puris each.
Shelf life : 12 months from Date of Packing
Net weight : 280 gms
Carton Packing : 12 Packs x 280g

Pack Contents
30 Puris
Pani Puri Paste
Sweet & Sour Paste

How to Make ?
Boondi: For Crispy Boondi use the boondi directly from the pouch, For Soft Boondi, soak boondi in water for one minute, gently squeeze excess water & use as filling.

Pani Puri Paste: To make spicy pani puri water, dilute the pani puri paste in 200 ml of ice chilled water OR dilute as per your taste. Mix well and spicy pani puri water is ready for you.

Sweet & Sour Paste: To make the sweet & sour chutney, dilute the sweet & sour paste in 150ml of ice chilled water, mix well and sweet & sour chutney is ready for you.

Place the Puri on the plate, make a small hole on the top of each puri, stuff half of the puri with boondi, then add some sweet & sour chutney and then spoon in some spicy pani puri water. Consume immediately…..Enjoy!