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Premium Quality Palm Candy Made in 100% Pure Natural Traditional Method

100% Natural: Palm sugar is an unrefined sugar; made in pure natural traditional method

Health Benefits:

Sucking palm candy brings instant relief against Cough And Sore-throat, Palm candy powder, butter and Makardhwaja mixture is a unique cure for Tiredness, Headache and Mental Exhaustion;In case of Breathing Problem Due to Cold, Palm candy.

When sucked with cloves or pepper, eases the discomfort. When Palm candy, ginger and cloves are boiled together and the warm mixture is sipped, great results are expected.

Good Source of Vitamin and Nutrients:

Palm Candy are nutrient rich and has low glycemic values and also contents components of Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6;


palm gur & sugar Allergen Information: Allergen Free;Form Factor: Solid